Aerial moonAre you hosting an event soon, or do you wish to add some magic to your zoo aquarium, establishment, wedding, ad campaign, or other? Whether there is water or not, I provide you with an unforgettable mermaid performance.

Examples of my performances:

  • A swim show in a mobile dive tank or large aquarium
  • A swim show in natural water, such as a lake or river
  • An air show in my aerial moon
  • An underwater show with my aerial moon
  • A stage performance with isis wings
  • A stage performance with Flow Arts, such as leviwand or poi
  • Ambience. Example: I sit on my large inflatable clamshell while wearing my full mermaid attire and makeup. Your guests can sit next to me and have their picture taken.
  • Entertainment for kids. I can read stories, do face glam or a hairdo.

You can find more information and inspiration below. If you want to book me or need more information, feel free to contact me. Together, we will create the perfect performance for you!

events magic

  • Aquarium / zoo / watertank performances
  • Festivals and other events
  • Advertisements / TV commercials / video clips
  • Photoshoots, underwater and on land
  • Pool / hotel / restaurant / art gallery / company openings
  • Weddings
  • Bachelor / bachelorette parties
  • Meet & greet with a mermaid
  • Become a mermaid workshop
  • Birthday parties


Performance in an aquarium or zoo 

Would you like to have a spectaculair show in your aquarium or zoo? I can perform a mermaid show in an aquarium or watertank. I can swim with fish, turtles, sharks, stingrays, etc. I can blow bubble rings and bubble hearts to the audience and perform a story and/or swim show on music. The magic that the audience will experience is unforgettable. If desired, I can recruit other experienced mermaids for a synchronized show. Contact me for more information and pricing.

Events, festivals, trade shows, and exhibitions

There are many possibilities for events and festivals. I can perform in dive tank or pool. Children can have their picture taken with me and I can read a mermaid story. I can organize a craft table. Contact me for more information and pricing.

Underwater model or actress

Do you need an underwater model for a photoshoot, or are you looking for an actress for an underwater movie? I am a highly experienced underwater model and I have received theater training.

Advertisements / commercials / videoclips / photoshoots 

As a professional mermaid I can be a model for advertisements, commercials and more.

Pool / hotel / restaurant / art gallery / company openings

Make your opening unforgettable by hiring a professional mermaid for ambience or entertainment. As a professional mermaid I can perform in a pool or watertank, or provide guests with a drink upon entry. The possibilities are endless! Contact me for more information and pricing.


Add a touch of magic to your special day. Hire a professional mermaid for entertainment or ambience.

I can perform by serving every guest a drink upon entry, or I can swim in a pool at your wedding venue. I can also perform at the beach, if you are having a beach wedding. Contact me for more information, possibilities and pricing.

Bachelor / bachelorette parties

How awesome would that be… the bride or groom swims in a mermaid tail, and there is footage to prove it… contact me for possibilities.

Meet & greet with a real mermaid

Meet a real mermaid! Ask questions and have your picture taken with me. Doing simple crafts or going for a swim together is also possible.

One on one mermaid workshop

Learn all you need to know about being a mermaid and make your dreams come true! This workshop covers safety, swimming in a tail and more useful tips and tricks. You will swim in a real mermaid tail and I will take pictures with my underwater camera. The pictures are only for your use, don’t worry.

Birthday parties

Want to give your child and their friends a wonderful, magical party that they’ll never forget? Hire a professional mermaid for your pool party! A mermaid party can be tailored to your wishes. It also depends on the available space. Can you book a (part of) pool, or do you want to host the party somewhere else, such as your home?

A mermaid party in a pool usually goes like this:

  • Introduction: who is Mermaid Liara, and what is her story?
  • Q&A time with a real mermaid
  • Every attendee gets to take a picture with the mermaid. We also take a group pic. I will also take pictures during the party. These will be sent to you for free digitally.
  • Mermaid storytime – Mermaid Liara reads an ocean-themed story
  • The kids take rides on my back while I swim
  • Games in the water


  • You are responsible for booking the pool.
  • There is an assistent present during the party at all times. The assistant protects me and is also my stand-in in case anything happens to me that prevents me from performing.
  • I need to know how many kids will be present, their first names, which kids know how to swim and which don’t. I will recruit a second mermaid if there are 10 children or more.
  • The children must bring goggles.
  • I need to know if there are any kids I am not allowed to photograph.
  • A supervising parent or guardian should be present at ALL times during the party, I am not a sitter.

If you prefer a dry party, no problem. A mermaid party can also be hosted at your home or any other dry location. A dry mermaid party usually entails the following:

  • Introduction: who is Mermaid Liara, and what is her story?
  • Q&A time with a real mermaid
  • Every attendee gets to take a picture with the mermaid. We also take a group pic
  • Mermaid storytime – Mermaid Liara reads an ocean-themed story
  • Crafts. The mermaid and children make a mermaid-themed craft, such as a shell crown
  • Games








Terms and conditions: at the moment of booking, a retainer of 50% of the total costs must be paid. Without a retainer, I cannot hold your spot. The retainer is non-refundable. If you, for whatever reason, have to cancel, contact me and you can move my performance to a different day/time without any extra charges. The other 50% is due within 30 days after my performance. It can also be paid in cash on the day of my performance.