What sort of events can I hire you for?

You can hire me for nearly any type of event! For example festivals, trade shows, parties, clubs, and fairs, but also zoos, aquariums, music videos, advertisements, commercials, and the like. I would love to create a concept with you, to make my performance fitting for your event.

How long can you hold your breath?

My static breath hold is well over 4 minutes.

How deep can you freedive?

My personal record is 15 meters (49 ft) deep on one breath.

What are underwater acrobatics?

Underwater acrobatics are movement performances underwater. I perform stunts with a hoop or moon while submerged, or I use neither and do an underwater dance. Underwater acrobatics is a little similar to underwater ballet.

Where did you learn underwater acrobatics?

I am self taught! This performance art didn’t really exist yet. As a water nymph, I am always brainstorming about the possibilities underwater. I had already been playing with a hula hoop underwater quite often. I was struggling with that, because the hoop always floats upwards because it has air inside. Then one day, I suddenly got inspired: it occured to me that could connect the hoop to a suction device with a rope. The suction device sticks itself to the bottom of the pool. It worked! Aquatic hoop was born. And it gave so many possibilities. I was able to come up with awesome choreographies that utilized this innovation wonderfully. I have done this with my moon as well. I decided I wanted to be able to perform without a tool as well, so I trained myself in underwater dancing.

I coined the term underwater acrobatics.

There is no swim water at my event and I cannot rent a mobile dive tank. Is that an issue?

No issue at all! I have plenty of possibilities for a ‘dry’ mermaid show. How about an aerial moon show? Or a flow art show. Or a led show during the night. Check out this page for the possibilities.

I have no budget. Can you perform for free?

No. As a mermaid and underwater acrobat, I have a lot of expenses. Regular expenses, but also depreciation of my material with each use. Plus, I have my mortgage and other bills to pay. This is why I have a rate. Sometimes I make an exception for charity, but even then I would charge a fair compensation for my expenses.

I wish to become a professional mermaid! How do I do that?

That’s awesome! Did you know you can book me for a one-on-one mermaid workshop? That’s a great way to find out whether mermaid swimming is for you. I recommend getting freedive certified; that will teach you to safely hold your breath longer and equalize your ears. This is incredibly useful underwater, and makes you more confident!

Merely swimming and waving to the audience gets a little boring, so I recommend you to think of something that distinguishes you underwater and attracts the audience. I also recommend you to develop a skill that can be used during dry performances. Most gigs have no swim water, so you will need something that captivates your audience. Merely smiling while sitting on a shell or rock gets boring quickly. Skills that you could develop are for example a musical instrument, singing, theater, aerial acrobatics such as aerial hoop, isis wings, poi, leviwand, fan dance, staff dance, juggling, illusions… the possibilities are endless.

How many hours a week do you train?

Approximately 10 hours.

How did you make your tail Rising Phoenix?

For Rising Phoenix I used neoprene, vinyl (for the fluke) and over 12,000 sequins. Including research and development I spent two years on it.

How many tails do you own?

I have 6 in total. Here you can find out more about my performance tails. I also have 2 training tails for workshops.

Do you make tails for others?


Do you sell tails?


How do you make a mermaid top?

Usually I use a bra or bikini top as a base. I drill holes in shells so I can sew them to the top. But I also use E6000 glue. That is a waterproof glue. I decorate the top with fake plants, shells, pearls, sequins and fishnet. Let your creativitity run free!

Where did you get your aerial moon?

It was handmade for me by the talented Grip Design. Check out his work here.