Here is a small selection of gigs I have done.


Mobile dive tank at a festival

At a festival organized by Veritas in Utrecht I was hired to perform in a mobile dive tank. By their request, I brought other professional mermaids I trust to perform with me in the tank. We were one of the festival’s highlights. The guests enjoyed interacting with us through the windows of the tank.


Flow arts and an aerial moon show for AquaVite

AquaVite’s logo is a mermaid. Therefore, they wanted a mermaid present at their festive event. They secured a beautiful location, but there was no water to swim in, nor room for a dive tank, so they wondered if and how I would be able to perform without one. I was able to reassure them thanks to my extensive skill set. First, I welcomed their guests on my beautiful pink shell and I blew large bubbles in the meantime. Then, I performed on stage with my leviwand and isis wings. And last but not least, as a finale I performed in my aerial moon. Such a magical event!



As a mermaid and underwater model, I am often hired for photoshoots. These photoshoots can be both underwater or on land.


Flow arts performance at party

Association Audentis et Virtutis hired me for their under-the-sea themed party. They wondered how I would perform, because the venue had no possibilities for a dive tank or aerial moon or hoop. Thankfully, I can perform with flow arts anywhere! During this party, I performed for two and half hours straight with my led poi, led leviwand, and led isis wings. Here you can view a short compilation video of my performance.


Book presentation ‘Tussen Wal en Schip’

Ansje Visser, who is an artist, has a passion for water, just like me. She wrote a book about people with this passion,  titled ‘Tussen Wal en Schip’. I was hired to perform at the book presentation. The guests took their picture with me, I told the audience about what mermaiding means to me, and I performed with my isis wings. Ansje prepared lovely, maritime themed snacks. For example, devilled eggs with a dorito on top, which made them look like tiny sailboats. Isn’t that inspiring? Check out her book here.


Handing out drinks at a nightclub

At club Ikon in Antwerp, Belgium, a large party was organized by Wikings. The party’s theme was Shipwrecked, so naturally, they wanted a mermaid present! That night, I gave shots of blue curaçao to the guests, and the guests were able to take a picture with me.


Neighbor event Capelle-West

Capelle-West’s Neighbor Asssociation organized a festive neighbor day. They wanted a mermaid for the kids and that’s where I came in. I spent all afternoon reading to the kids and chatting with them. A pleasant surprise was that I also spent quite a lot of time braiding hair. The children liked my hairdo so much that they wanted the same. Next time I will bring rubber bands and a hairbrush for sure!


Birthday parties

As a mermaid, I have made many kids happy with an appearance at their party. Whether the party is at a pool or at their home, a mermaid party is always magical. Seeing all those enchanted little faces is wonderful.